What Is Evangelism?

Evangelism is:

– sharing the “Good News” of Jesus Christ.

– bringing to people the love of God.

– telling the good news, being the good news, and doing the good news.

– making disciples for Christ.

– the good news of Jesus Christ.

– the sharing and joyous witness of the people of God.

– the primary mission of the body of Christ, the church.

– proclaiming the “Good News” of Christ, crucified and risen.

– a spiritual journey of formation and transformation.

– the joyous witness of the people of God to God’s redeeming love.

– joyfully sharing the good news of the sovereign love of God.

– leading persons to receive and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

-helping people discover their faith in Christ.

-Sharing Christian hope and hospitality.

– the peculiar task of the Church to communicate the good news of God’s love through Jesus Christ.

What is your definition of Evangelism?

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