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I’ve just read a post from Presbyterian pastor Tim Blodgett on his blog “In the World.” It’s an excellent assessment of what many of us of a postmodern mindset feel is the most critical difference between leader/follower conferences and open space social conferences – AND a critical shift in the process of being Church, as highlighted in this quote from the post:

The larger shift on the horizon for the church beyond 10-A and nFOG, is the twin flattening out of power for some and empowering of others in the church as a result of the democratizing, open source, social forces active in the world today and in the church. This shift has already started happening in places. To put it another way, this shift represents a return to something closer to the priesthood of all believers rather than the more hierarchical structures that exist at present.

via in the world – Unco: The Social Conference – Unco: The Social Conference.

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