Book Review: Got Style?

got-style-coverBook Review: Got Style? Personality-based Evangelism Jeffrey A. Johnson,  Judson Press, 168 pp., 2009.

What if someone wrote a well-balanced book on doing evangelism that is both biblically and theologically sound, while providing an inclusive process for implementing the “e” word in today’s post-modern church?

jeffery-johnsonWhat if this person were to illustrate this book with stories out of a lifetime of pastoral church experience?

What if the book was crystal clear, concise, and an “easy read” for both the layperson and the professional church staff person?

What if the book included pages of additional resources and helpful ways to implement “natural,” diverse, comprehensive, personality-based evangelism through the local church’s life and ministry?

This is the book!


Reviewed by:
Bruce Laverman
Minister of Evangelism
Reformed Church in America

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