Redemption Unbound: Megan Dosher Graces Up the Friars and Fools

EXTRA! EXTRA! Look out, Myrtle, he’s posting on a Wednesday!!

You could reasonably ask “Where’ve you been for a week, Bradley?” because I just got a chance to read Megan Dosher’s powerful post on Two Friars and a Fool from March 23rd. So I’m late to the game, but it hit me right in the face with it’s truth about redemption and I really want to crow about it here on the MEG.

If you haven’t yet, please read the post, and be sure to listen to the TFF video responses as well.

Here’s the part that smacked me but good, and made me realize I’ve no more right to be a gatekeeper than all those people I tend to get pissed off at for acting like gatekeepers:

“Then comes the even tougher part. Though Paul has already stated that God is bringing together all things into wholeness, we are reminded that included in ‘all things’ are those who have been estranged from and against God, those who have done “evil deeds”. So this plan for salvation that we are not merely receiving, but also supposed to be giving away includes even two young men who beat up innocent bystanders for fun and then brag about it. It includes people who hate homosexuals and people who hate NRA members. It includes older people who want the church to stay the same and the young people who want to burn the church down. It includes the Pharisees and Saducees and betrayers and deniers and persecutors of Christians.” – Megan Dosher

“… and Anne Frank & Mohandas Gandhi. And Osama bin Laden & Adolph Hitler. And Glenn Beck.” – Mick Bradley


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