From the Field: UCC Pastor Impresses NASA

Another first for the UCC!  NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio was so impressed with the Martin Luther King Observance Day presentation delivered to their Senior Management Council by the Rev. Valentino, Senior Pastor of East View UCC, Shaker Heights, Ohio that the taped presentation of his speech will be shown to all employees for their Diversity Dialogue Sessions.  The Rev. Lassiter’s topic was “The Legacy of the Dream: Implications for Today’s World”.  He spoke about how the Rev. Dr. King’s dream and work helps us to understand the continuous need for diversity, education and technology.  He tied in the need for continued space exploration with the expansion of knowledge of diversity, justice and peace.

“Using a presentation of a Glenn Research Center invited speaker for a center-wide training has not been done before,” writes Renee J. Batts, Director of Diversity and Equal Opportunity for NASA Glenn.

Congratulations Rev. Lassiter!

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