From the Field: Giving Back in Marin County

Fairfax Community Church UCC in Fairfax, CA under the leadership of senior pastor Katharine Harts will be inviting the larger community to join them for “Spirituality and the Arts”.  Starting in September, Fairfax Community Church will offer Sunday night small group gatherings centered on the various arts.  Imagine an intergenerational Sacred Dance group, a Reader’s Theater, a class on Ikebana. These groups would each be exploring a central question that might be facing the community.  For example: How do we respond to the growing numbers of homeless people in Marin?  These groups would meet for three Sundays of the month, and on the last Sunday of each month would hold a “Give Back Celebration!”  Rev. Harts says, “This will be a widely advertised celebration where we actually engage in acts of giving back in service to the community. We would collaborate with the community agencies in our area.  For example:  While music is playing, we assemble shoeboxes of toiletries that are needed at the Homeless Shelter.”

Please pray for Fairfax community Church and the success of this venture.

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