For Church Leaders: Create an Evangelistic Church Culture

Light it UpThe United Methodist Church’s General Board of Discipleship has made available a free PDF for church leaders who are yearning to grow an evangelistic congregation. Read the opening here and then download the rest using the link:

Create an Evangelistic Church Culture

How do you create an evangelistic church culture? Is there a recipe—a cup of hospitality, a pound of love, add prayer and stir? Or do we first need to agree upon what it means to be the church?

A Christian blogger once suggested church leaders ask their congregations two simple questions: ―What is the Church?‖ and ―What is church for?‖ The intent was to stimulate a healthy conversation about the purpose and function of the church as the body of Christ.

At least one pastor acted on the suggestion. Little did he know that these apparently in-nocent questions would unleash a scathing rebuke toward him and his role as pastor. The comments hurled at the pastor ranged from, “What’s gotten into you?” to “[You’re trying] to make us feel bad about not doing enough” to “People are busy, we have full lives. We don’t have time to be saints.” The coup de grace in this exchange was this declaration to the pastor, “[Just] do your job… [Don’t make] things harder than they ought to be.”

[download/read more of the free PDF here]

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