Connections: Reimagining Evangelism – A Study Guide

ReimaginingEvangelism_StudyGuide-1Evangelism Connections is proud to present this all new ecumenical study guide entitled Connections: Reimagining Evangelism, intended not only for church leaders but all Christians and communities of faith interested in engaging in a deeper exploration of what it means to share the Gospel and our faith. This guide embodies the mission of Evangelism Connections as we strive to frame evangelism, hospitality, and church vitality in a 21st-century context and to provide shared resources toward that end. We invite you to participate, comment, and share your own thoughts and ideas on sharing Jesus’ message in a postmodern world.

“Evangelism” can be a scary word. For some people, the term conjures up negative images of people forcing their faith onto resistant people. This study guide is written in the recognition that this kind of evangelism is not usually welcome in our communities of faith today. The study guide also recognizes, however, that evangelism is much more than that. Evangelization is part of our Christian call, and it means something different to many Christians today than it did yesterday.

The study guide will invite participants to ask and explore questions, stretch their understandings of evangelism, confront their fears and skepticism, and consider what might be an authentic expression of evangelism for them.

You are invited to freely download, share, and use the study guide in your faith communities and personal study. Here is a link to the guide.


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  1. Juan,

    You don’t need to order it. You can freely download it in PDF format directly from the post above using the link at the end of the article.

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