Characteristics of a Missional Church

A compilation from Twelve Marks of a Vital Center of Witness (RCA), Five Foundational Elements of A Revitalized Church for a Renewed Future (RCA).

Twelve Empirical Indicators (Gospel and Culture Network) and Eight Essential Quality Characteristics (Natural Church Development).

  1. The church is a caring community, exhibiting self-sacrifice, reconciliation, and accountability in love to one another through holistic small groups.
  2. Vital worship is central to the church’s life, is biblical in content, proclaims the gospel, regularly celebrates the sacraments, and is indigenous to the surrounding culture while at the same time being reflective of people’s desire to experience God.
  3. The church is eagerly engaged with its community context, both giving and receiving in love and service to God and the people of the neighborhood.
  4. The church empowers leadership through identifying gifts, training both clergy and others, and establishing and evaluating functional, flexible structures that provide for effective management of its life and ministry.
  5. Inclusive evangelization of the good news is a congregational priority, with relational unmet needs of those outside of the church as the point of contact and discipleship the intended result.
  6. Clarity of purpose characterizes the church’s ministries, driven by a mission and vision known and understood by all and evaluated regularly in terms of effectiveness.
  7. The church gives and receives in full partnership with the greater church, valuing and practicing ministry and fellowship with the whole body of Christ, globally and locally.
  8. Exercising good stewardship and responsible financial development, the church earnestly seeks justice for all and active care of all God’s creation.
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