The Holy Spirit and Evangelism #6

Spirit and Evangelism Series #6 Galatians 5:16-26 The Spirit grows the Fruit of the Spirit in us so we might reach others with God’s love. The passage lays out two ways of life: living by the Spirit and living by the flesh. Clearly Paul is inviting his readers to live by the Spirit. Beyond the […]

The Holy Spirit and Evangelism #5

The Holy Spirit and Evangelism — #5   I Corinthians 2:1-5   The Spirit’s evangelistic method: human weakness and the power of the cross   Conversations about evangelism often turns to discussion of method, approach, communication theory, and so on. The names of great evangelists are trundled out and their speaking techniques examined. Paul here […]

The Holy Spirit and Evangelism #4

I Thessalonians 5:13b-22 Buried in the middle of this passage is vs. 19 – “Do not quench the Spirit.” By allowing the Spirit freedom in our lives the seemingly disconnected list of instructions can become lived realities in the Christian community. The Christian life is not a solo activity, it is to be lived in […]

The Holy Spirit and Evangelism #3

Acts 4:23-31 The Spirit gives God’s people boldness to speak the good news. Peter and John (Acts 3) had met a man who was crippled and begging for money. Peter offered him not money, but in the name of Jesus Christ the miracle of being able to walk. The man was healed and Peter preached […]


The Holy Spirit and Evangelism #2

John 16:4b-15 The Holy Spirit bears witness to and glorifies Jesus Christ, just as the followers of Jesus are to do. One of the themes in Jesus’ Upper Room Discourse is the work of the Holy Spirit (the Advocate). And before diving into the passage it is worth reminding ourselves of what Jesus has said […]


The Holy Spirit and Evangelism #1

Luke 2:22-38 The Holy Spirit arranges people meeting each another for the advance of the reign of God and the benefit of those who meet. Preachers in sermons on this passage often focus on the age of Simeon and Anna and the words they speak to Mary in particular and also to Joseph. However, no […]