Book Review: Outrageous and Courageous by Fred Barnhard and Jeremy Ashworth

Reviewed by Bruce Laverman “Hi. This is a book about making friends and sharing faith. It’s also about sock balls, bloodsuckers, an epidemic of loneliness, and the RSVP Bible. It’s about crucifying our excuses. It’s about showing hospitality, paying attention, and embracing risk. It’s about building real relationships and loving people and sharing Jesus. And […]


Book Review: Got Style?

Book Review: Got Style? Personality-based Evangelism Jeffrey A. Johnson,  Judson Press, 168 pp., 2009. What if someone wrote a well-balanced book on doing evangelism that is both biblically and theologically sound, while providing an inclusive process for implementing the “e” word in today’s post-modern church? What if this person were to illustrate this book with stories […]

Becoming a Blessed Church

Book Review: Becoming a Blessed Church

A medium-sized mainline church in a suburb you won’t recognize has been personally impacted and passed on naturally an experience with God that has blessed both the church and the community.  Now that’s a blessed church!  No. it’s not a mega-church, and no, it’s not in a booming area, and no, it’s not famous, but […]

Book Review: Introducing the Missional Church

Reviewed by Steve Manskar Introducing the Missional Church: What It Is, Why It Matters, How to Become One by Alan J. Roxburgh and M. Scott Boren Baker Books, 2009 ISBN 978-0801072123 In their introduction to Introducing the Missional Church: What It Is, Why It Matters, How to Become One, the authors quote Dr. Rowan Williams, the […]

Book Review: When the Members Are the Missionaries

When the Members Are the Missionaries: An Extraordinary Calling for Ordinary People by A. Wayne Schwab, Member Mission Press, 2002. 203 pp. a book review by Evan Gel Of course we all know that Jesus is as concerned about what we do from Monday through Saturday as what happens on Sunday.  He deeply cares about […]

Change the World

Book Review: Change the World

Change the World: Recovering the Message and Mission of Jesus by Michael B. Slaughter (Available at Rediscover and reclaim the message and mission of Jesus: that is the singular focus of Michael Slaughter’s new book, Change the World. The book also serves as the centerpiece for the nationwide “Change the World Event,” April 24-25, 2010. […]