Hospitality in the House of God: Lesson Six

Dedicating the House of God with an Eye to Outreach Text: 1 Kings 8:41-43 David wanted to build a house of God where the people of Israel could worship him. But the Almighty decided that particular privilege would be given to David’s son, Solomon. When the magnificent temple was finally completed, the king of Israel […]

Hospitality in the House of God: Lesson Five

Not a Big Enough Job Text: Isaiah 49:1-6 The classis church planning and development committee sat around a table, notebooks and papers before them. Five pastors and a layperson had worked together on a new vision statement for the classis. In just six words, the two-prong mission of the classis was made crystal clear: “Growing […]

Hospitality in the House of God: Lesson Four

Lesson Four The Reluctant Evangelist Text: Book of Jonah Disappointment over what seem like few results from our efforts in evangelism are commonplace. No matter what particular method of evangelism we choose to employ it seems that the disbelieving world persists in being unresponsive to all our efforts. The number of unchurched people in the […]

Hospitality in the House of God: Lesson Three

Lesson Three Singing God’s Vision Texts: Psalm 22:27-28, Psalm 86:8-10 J. B. Phillips’ book Your God Is Too Small makes the point that most of us conceive of God and his ways from the limited vision of the human perspective. God is much larger than our puny human imagination can comprehend. Furthermore, we are prone to project […]

Hospitality in the House of God: Lesson Two

Lesson Two Ruth: Foreigner with an Inheritance from God Text: Book of Ruth One of the great short stories of the Bible is the Book of Ruth. It is a love story about people from different backgrounds and countries whose lives come together and are fused by God’s gracious provision for a love that endures. […]

Hospitality in the House of God: Lesson One

Lesson One Hospitality: A Primary Value for God’s People Text: Genesis 18:1-15 How do visitors feel when they visit your church for the first time? Before you answer that think about a time when you visited another church, or some other gathering of people where you were the stranger. Perhaps you didn’t know where to stand, what […]