Connections: Reimagining Evangelism – A Study Guide

Evangelism Connections is proud to present this all new ecumenical study guide entitled Connections: Reimagining Evangelism, intended not only for church leaders but all Christians and communities of faith interested in engaging in a deeper exploration of what it means to share the Gospel and our faith. This guide embodies the mission of Evangelism Connections as we […]

Evangelism in the 21st Century – A Dialogue

Recently, the members of the Evangelism Connections team gathered to discuss why and how evangelism is still relevant and necessary in our contemporary North American society. This 9-part video series captures that discussion and is offered here as a way to spark your own conversations, and for use in workshops and study sessions in your local […]


Count yourself lucky if you have met Ann Bilbrew. Energetic, as likely to laugh as pray, and apt to rave about her children, Bilbrew is the pastor at Living Springs Riverdale Ministry Center in Riverdale, Illinois, a church plant associated with Living Springs Community Church (RCA) in Glenwood. The idea for the Riverdale Ministry Center […]

When a Sanctuary Offers Sanctuary

Originally posted on the RCA Website. Used with permission. What happens when a 50-member congregation decides to live rather than die? To bless the community rather than fade into obscurity? When Church of the Master in Warren, Michigan, began praying over missional opportunities rather than size and resources, they began to experience God’s surprising economy. […]

From Sheep-Stealing to Kingdom-Building

originally published at Justice Unbound Evangelism in the Ecumenical Context At its root, the word ‘evangelism’, simply means spreading good news. For Christians, this usually means spreading the good news about Jesus Christ. In recent years, Google and other businesses have co-opted the word; for example, having employees called ‘Google evangelists’, whose job it is […]


CHURCHES PARTNER ACROSS DENOMINATIONS TO BROADEN GOD’S KINGDOM IN KALAMAZOO Church cooperation is on the rise in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and leading to powerful reconciliation. For a week each summer, churches work together on Jesus Loves Kalamazoo, an effort to engage neighbors and reach out through free outdoor barbecues. Five years ago, eight churches were involved. […]

Hospitality in the House of God, Lesson Ten

The Deacon’s Witness Text: Acts 8:26-40 Cross-cultural evangelism and mission is a topic of great discussion in church circles and at mission conferences these days. Peter Wagner speaks of people most like ourselves as M-1 people; M-2’s are those who are different but whom we might be able to reach with some adaptation; and M-3’s […]