Small Church on a Big Mission

While we often hear stories about big companies, the reality is that the majority of businesses—99 percent, in fact—are small. The same is true for churches. Megachurches might get most of the press, but small churches can accomplish a lot. I am grateful to be called to serve as a pastor of a small church […]

When a Church Meets in a Factory

LifeQuest Church (RCA) meets in the Integrated Fabric Resource (IFR) factory in Zeeland, Michigan. And the unconventional location isn’t the only unusual thing about the church’s arrangement with IFR. When LifeQuest asked the company president about moving into his building, he came back to them with a request of his own. “His comment was that […]


Count yourself lucky if you have met Ann Bilbrew. Energetic, as likely to laugh as pray, and apt to rave about her children, Bilbrew is the pastor at Living Springs Riverdale Ministry Center in Riverdale, Illinois, a church plant associated with Living Springs Community Church (RCA) in Glenwood. The idea for the Riverdale Ministry Center […]

From Sheep-Stealing to Kingdom-Building

originally published at Justice Unbound Evangelism in the Ecumenical Context At its root, the word ‘evangelism’, simply means spreading good news. For Christians, this usually means spreading the good news about Jesus Christ. In recent years, Google and other businesses have co-opted the word; for example, having employees called ‘Google evangelists’, whose job it is […]

Evangelization as the Pope Sees it

Time magazine’s “Man of the Year,” “Best Dressed Man of the Year,” etc., Pope Francis has certainly received a great deal of press coverage since coming on the world scene less than a year ago.   It seems like a new day for the church, and especially for the head of the largest part of the […]

Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing

church should focus on making disciples, says PC(USA) evangelism team The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) should focus on making disciples, evangelism coordinator Ray Jones and associate David Loleng told the Presbyterian Mission Agency Sept. 26. “Jesus didn’t say, ‘Go out and make programs, converts, budgets, causes, buildings, rules or regulations,’” Loleng said. “But he did say, ‘Make disciples,’ who become […]