An Evangelism Story: Good News Remembered

(from the PCC)

On a winter’s night a few years back, I was invited to preach at a large downtown church. The city newspaper the day before had carried a church advertisement which included my name and the sermon title.

As I was shaking hands after the service at the front door, a white haired gentleman looked at me and asked if my Grandmother’s name had been Ida.

When I replied that it was, he went on to tell me his story. In 1956 he fled to Canada from his native Hungary during the Russian Revolution. He had been in the city only three days when he attended a church service. After worship, a kind older woman invited him back to her home for lunch. That woman was my grandmother. Almost 50 years later, her act of Christian hospitality was still so powerful in this man’s memory that he travelled by bus from the suburbs to hear me preach.

— Rev. Dr. James Czegledi, Associate Secretary
Evangelism, Church Growth and Worship
The Presbyterian Church in Canada

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