An Evangelism Liturgy

Evangelism Connections offers the following ecumenical liturgy that emphasizes our communal call to evangelism.

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A Liturgy for an Evangelism Service

Called to Worship

Come and see the love and goodness that God has for you and for all in Jesus Christ.

Let us worship God.

Prayer of Approach and Gathering

Our gracious God, we gather today to worship you, to give thanks for your presence and to praise your name.

We gather to receive the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and to be guided in our work as servants of Jesus Christ.

We gather to be led that we might be active in our ministries of evangelism as Christ’s people; as disciples of His way.

We gather in the anticipation and the hope of sharing the Gospel with people in every land.

Remind us, Lord, that the work of evangelism and of sharing your good news is part of our Christian life and how we live our lives in response to your love. Remind us that you have sent us to serve, proclaim and witness to what Christ has done.

Lord God, we come to you to receive insight for our tasks and responsibilities as stewards of Christ’s community on earth. Teach us to live the way, the truth and the life by Christ’s example. Help us acknowledge the need to actively reach out and be guided by our Lord’s example and teachings. Amen

Unison Prayer of Confession and Assurance of Forgiveness

Holy One, we confess that we frequently miss the mark of our responsibilities as Christ’s stewards due to our limited view of the world and of you. Often we only perceive reality from our own perspective. We fail to realize the real need for us to go out into the world as Christ did, into a world that needs spiritual guidance, Christian experience and nurturing.

We are assured that through your divine intervention, through the wisdom found in your Word and by your example that we will, by your grace, be guided on our journey of active evangelism this year and forever.

All this we pray in the words that you have taught us . . . (The Lord’s Prayer)

Sermon and Scripture Suggestions

What’s the Good News? (Acts 10: 23 – 48)

Why spread the Good News? ( Luke 15: 11 – 32)

Go and Tell ( Matthew 28: 16 – 20)

Friendship Evangelism-Come and See ( John 1: 35 – 51)

Sharing your faith ( Acts 8: 26 – 40)

Cross-cultural Evangelism (Acts 17: 16 -34)

Seeking the Lost ( Luke 15: 1 – 10)

Evangelism Prayer

By your Word, O God, we have come to faith in Jesus Christ. You have given us a life and message to share with others, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

May we be bold disciples and share your good news with the words of our mouths and the works of our lives. Give us courage to go into your world to tell of the wonders of Christ’s love and grace.

We pray for those who do not know you; may they come to know you. We pray for those who are not part of your church; may they find in it your presence. We pray for people who consider the message of the Gospel to be neither good nor new; may their hearts be open to your word. We pray for our children and for those who are young in faith; may they continue to grow in your truth. We pray for ourselves; may we continue to have the strength and conviction to be your people of hope.

In silence, we pray for those who are in need of our prayer this day…

Almighty God, you have sent Jesus Christ to reconcile the world to you. We thank and praise you for this mission. We pray that as members of your church we may carry on your work for the sake of the world. Make us confident and hopeful in your Word through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

The Commissioning

Go and tell of God’s love and goodness in Jesus Christ.

Take it with you to share the promise of God in a world of controversy and injustice.

Proclaim the reign of Christ as you preach, teach, heal, eat with outcasts, forgive sinners, repent and believe the gospel.

Be assured through faith that you are a child of God.

And go into the world with Gospel confidence to be Christ’s people. Amen

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