A Motley Blog Link Roundup for March 24

In lieu of more prattle from me this week, I’m offering a series of links to some of the recent posts from my tribe of friends & fellow travelers. These are the things that’ve had me thinking, praying, yelling, talking & writing over the past week or so. Not all of them might be considered relative to ‘evangelism’ at first glance – but folks, I’m one of those postmodern yahoos, remember? So for me EVERYTHING’S relative. :)

love winsI’ll start with a recent post from Jeremy Smith’s Hacking Christianity blog entitled “I Don’t Feel Like Arguing With God About It“. Jeremy writes about his thoughts on Rob Bell’s new book Love Wins and also shares some of his own history with the topics of salvation, heaven, hell, and all that stuff.

To follow that up, here’s a post from Rachel Held Evans’ blog entitled “The Truth Can Set You Free – and Get You Fired“, where Rachel shares the post writing duties with her friend Chad Holtz, who tells the story of how he literally got fired from his pastorate because he expressed honest opinions on his blog about salvation, heaven, hell, human sexuality and all that stuff.

Oddly, just after I finished reading the story of Chad’s dismissal I began listening to the latest episode of God Complex Radio, which features an excellent interview with Martha Spong of RevGalBlogPals but also includes a great discussion later in the show between hosts Carol Howard Merritt and Landon Whitsitt about whether or not pastors can be fully authentic and honest about their personal ideologies and beliefs while serving congregations.

Next up, an awesome sermon from Nadia Bolz-Weber on her Sarcastic Lutheran blog, based upon John 3:16, comparing and contrasting the passage’s message of inclusive hope with the baggage of violence and exclusion that it has come to represent for many people today. [Note: I had no idea the ‘John 3:16’ rainbow-wig guy was serving a sentence in prison. Whoa.]

Last but not least, I want to share a link to a video featuring a recent TED Talk from spoken-word poet Sarah Kay in which Sarah shares two of her poems and some info about her life & creative process with compelling power, vulnerability, and passion. There is nothing explicitly faith-related in Sarah’s words – at least not in the traditional sense – but I’m convinced that this kind of honest, passionate vulnerability is something that we Jesus-followers can and should embrace in our communities.

There are actually several others that I’d like to share, but I don’t want to overload this post, so I think I’ll pause here and maybe share a few more in an extra post this weekend. Enjoy!

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